Recent COVID-19 Updates

We are continuing to service our clients, and are doing so safely and in line with Local and National Government Guidance on Business operation.

Our staff continue to work with Social Distancing in mind, and with a full complement of PPE to protect both ourselves and our customers if needed. Please get in touch if you would like us to visit to conduct a feasibility study for your property, by calling us on 01244 682233.

We will be pleased to visit you, providing you are not shielding.

The latest update for Existing Clients

We are making progress on existing orders, but lead times continue to be slow due to fluctuations in staff numbers and limitations imposed on office and administration staff due to safe working practises that we have needed to introduce.

Whilst we totally understand that delayed responses and difficulty in reaching us can frustrating, please be aware that we are doing everything we can to provide a non-disrupted service to all clients, as best as circumstances will allow.

We are being affected by delayed product release by some Manufacturers due to slow-down in production caused by them needing to reduce working and shift numbers. Stock delays are being notified to us at the last minute in some cases and this is proving very difficult for us to manage and schedule.

All we can ask is that if you are affected, please bear with us. We have your best interests at heart and are very aware that constant scheduling changes cause inconvenience and upset. It is an overused statement in general, but we are working in unprecedented times.

That said, we are fully committed to working through the current uncertainties and delivering our installations to our clients, in as timely a fashion as we can achieve.

As always, we thank our existing clients for their continued understanding and patience. We are blessed to be working with the clients we have and do not underestimate the commitment and trust you put in us.