Renewable Energy Projects – Who We Help


No two domestic clients are the same, so it is important for us to understand how you live, and how and when you use the energy that you consume. The property you live in is a factor too; understanding its layout and energy efficiency is important. We always provide a site visit to assess these things, and can then advise on which kind of our Renewable Energy projects would best meet your own specific needs, budget and be feasible for installation in or on the property. Our renewable energy solutions are tailored to your needs, ensuring that you can save money on heating & electricity bills and cut your dependency on utility companies. We consider ourselves to be experts in renewable energy systems and we strive to install systems that are suited to each individual client. Our advisors will be able to answer any questions about the different technologies or tariff incentive schemes.

Self Build

Self-builders have a unique opportunity to create a low-carbon, low energy consuming property, but are often put off due to lack of knowledge or lack of available skills to integrate systems. We can provide a range of assistance, from initial assessment and recommendations through to complete turnkey installation and project-management. We often provide the complete installation package inclusive of things like under-floor heating and Rainwater Harvesting. We can liaise directly with your architect, main contractor or site manager and can assist with Planning and Building Control.

Care Industry

Care Homes are energy-hungry concerns that need to run at a constant year-round high temperature. Our range of Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps take advantage of this requirement by offering a hot water and heating solution that is not only cheaper than mains gas, but that will pay an income on heating run-hours under the latest Commercial Heating tariff. We can install heat pumps that will reduce your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are looking to invest in a more sustainable future, our renewable energy systems are the perfect solution. Our Assessors are experts at advising in this sector, and on how Renewable Energy can protect the business from sky-high running costs.

Leisure and Tourism

Guest Houses, Hotels and Leisure Centres all share one thing in common regardless of size; energy wastage and escalating energy bills. We understand the issues faced by this sector and have a range of technologies that can help you offset energy wastage and actually return an income stream from energy use. It may sound too good to be true, but many of our leisure clients now look forwards to high fuel consumption due to the tariff schemes we can help them tap into! Our renewable energy systems have endless benefits because they allow you to become independent from utility companies, as well as take steps towards a more sustainable future. As renewable energy experts, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service from initial consultation to final installation.

Farming and Agriculture

It is widely accepted now that the key to a success farm business is diversification. Farms are generally well placed to install renewable technologies and the NFU reported that they expected 30% of farms to have invested in renewable technologies by the end of 2012. Once we’ve established what your motivation to invest is, we can then look at the most suitable solution. For some farmers it is about simple financial investment and return, for others energy efficiency is a supply-chain requirement. Most farms are off the gas grid and have inefficient housing stock, leading to escalating fuel bills that need to be curbed. Whatever the driver, we’ll have a solution that will work for you.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturing and industrial businesses are under pressure from all angles to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Supply chain pressures, carbon taxes and standards such as ISO14001 are all driving the need to reduce carbon, and of course financial pressures are constant too. We can devise a solution, or range of solutions that meets your specific site needs, and if required offer funding solutions.

Public Sector and Schools

The Public sector is subject to the same energy issues all businesses face; increasing costs and decreasing budgets. Most public bodies will be subject to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) or other carbon taxes, and have to be seen to be making a difference in reducing environmental pollution. We work with schools, hospitals and local authorities to look at ways to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.