Case Study: Lithium Battery System in Cheshire

Technology: Lithium Battery System | Location: Cheshire

Client Brief

Client was keen to install Solar Panels but faced the common problem of not being at home at the time the panels where making the electricity.
Our brief was to design and install a system to enable them to use as close to 100% of the power he was making, allowing him to become self-sufficient.

Scheme Design

• Customer has 3.9kW Solar PV Array in place
• 2 x 2.5kW Lithium Battery System installed
• Intelligent inverter enabling Wifi integration and detailed system monitoring

Financial Benefits

Client is already seeing savings on electricity bills and early calculations on the tariffs and savings he will make will see him benefit from a 13% return on investment.

Client Comments

“Our property is a historic barn conversion and posed many challenges on where to site inverters and batteries. The team at Rural and Country excelled themselves, finding the smallest of spaces to house key components, while providing a first class finish”.

“We originally installed just one battery, but were so pleased with the performance, even on a winters day, that we quickly upgraded to a second”

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