Case Study: Lithium Solar Battery System in Lincolnshire

Technology: Lithium Battery System | Location: Lincolnshire

Client Brief

This client wanted to upgrade their existing Solar PV system to allow them to store their generated power for use when they needed it, rather than using the grid supply.

Scheme Design

• 1 x Hybrid Lithium-Ion Storage system incorporating
• 1 x 2.5kW Lithium Ion Battery
• 1 x SolaX Hybrid Solar Inverter / Charger
• EPS (Emergency Power Supply for the event of Grid Failure)
• WiFi System Monitoring

Financial Benefits

Client now diverts generated Solar PV generated power into their lithium battery system which allows them to use their solar energy in the evenings and saving hundreds of pounds per year on utility bills.

Client Comments

“The battery system has helped us save on bills and give us the satisfaction of being self-sufficient!”.

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