Other Technologies

Here at Rural and Country Energy, we also provide and install further add-on technology to assist with both energy and financial savings.

Our additional technologies include SolarSwitch and Domestic Voltage Optimisation.


Get FREE HOT WATER using your Solar PV Array!!

With PV arrays generating their peak power at midday, consumers with lower electricity usage or those who are out during the day, are often unable to fully benefit from the free electricity available from their system. Therefore, PV generated electricity will often be exported back to the grid.

Although the consumer is paid for all electricity generated, using more electricity on-site will further reduce the requirement on the National Grid, save more money and improve returns.

SolarSwitch monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid, and diverts it to the property’s immersion heater to provide free hot water.

The process takes place AFTER the generation meter - incentive payments are unaffected. SolarSwitch is a ‘MUST’ addition for anyone with a PV array and a hot water cylinder.

Contact us now to find out how you could be benefitting from your excess generated Solar PV electricity and getting free hot water to save even more on your utility bills.

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Voltage Optimisation

What is Voltage Optimisation?

This is an exciting new technology that up until recently, has only been available to commercial clients.

We are please to say that this technology has now been scaled down to allow domestic clients to save similar percentages off their electricity bills

How it works:

The National Grid are targeted with supplying electricity to your property at 230v, but in practice this can often be as high as 245v. Because of this, most UK energy customers are paying more for their electricity than they need to.

The problem is simple; Higher voltage makes the National Grid easier to operate, but costs the homeowner unnecessary money!: Volts = cost!, the lower the volts, the lower the cost.

UK appliances can operate below 220V. They will also last longer being fed with lower voltage power.

That’s were voltage optimiser comes in!

Voltage Optimisation actually monitors the incoming Grid, second-by-second, and regulates the voltage to 220v, in turn saving you money.

Independent tests have proved savings of up to 12% off electricity bills can be achieved with Voltage Optimisation. A system can also offset upto 4-tonnes of Co2 during its life-span.

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