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Battery Storage for Solar PV Array's

We can install battery storage units to help you store unused solar electricity for later use.

Battery Storage

Lithium Battery Storage has become a popular addition to a solar PV array, especially in light of the existing and future cost of electricity. It’s a brilliantly simple concept – store unused electricity for later use instead of giving it away to the National Grid.

This renewable energy technology can be designed to cater for both domestic and commercial properties, giving you the freedom to store valuable energy for when you need it the most.

How does Battery Storage work?

The delivery of Solar Power for many clients can be slightly compromised. A system will naturally produce its highest output at times when the property has its lowest demand (in the middle of the day, and in summer months, for exaple). Storage allows us to capture this over-production and keep it onsite for when demand is higher, and solar generation is naturally lower (early morning and evening for example).

The following diagram explains simply how battery storage can assist in ‘flattening out‘ these peaks and troughs.

Solar PV without Battery Storage

Solar Pv Without Battery Storage

Solar PV with Battery Storage

Solar PV With Battery Storage

The size of storage should be specifically designed to suit the requirements of each client, their lifestyle and their existing (and also their future) consumption.

Our assessors are trained to analyse these things, to ensure that you have the correct balance of storage to suit your needs and the size of your solar array without unnecessarily oversizing the system.

We can install storage systems sized from 5kw to 105kw! All systems are fully expandable and can therefore be added to if your demand grows over time.

We can install single phase and three phase systems, and can add emergency power modules (EPM) for clients in areas of frequent power cuts.

We choose to work with three main manufacturers, all of whome are market leaders but who offer slightly different solution for slightly different client requirements. These systems all use the very latest lithium battery technology, come with 10 year warranties, 15 year battery life spans and are installed and looked after by out own employed engineers.

Sun Synk Power Battery Storage Installer Cheshire

Solax Power Battery Storage Installer Cheshire

Saj Battery Storage

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