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Don't Just Take Our Word for It, See What Our Customers Have to Say

At Rural & Country Energy, we ensure that our renewable energy systems are tailored to the needs of our clients

Helping people make the switch to a more renewable, sustainable future is always a great feeling, and we are never satisfied until the customer is 100% happy with their new energy system. Switching to a renewable energy system can have endless benefits for commercial and domestic properties.

Renewable energy systems can be a great solution for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on utility bills; we strive to deliver a high quality service that ensures our client is happy and their needs are met.

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Read on to discover some of the fantastic comments we’ve received from our clients, who are now reaping the benefits of a more sustainable energy system...

Over the last few years we have had an ASHP system installed and old oil boiler removed, 2 lots of solar panels and a battery installed and we had no hesitiation in returning to R&C on each occasion to get the work done. We have also recommended them to friends and neighbours who have been pleased we have done so. They are professional and knowledgeable, they plan the work from end to end, everything required is delivered on time be it kit or scaffolding and work takes place when they say it will.

If they come across issues they do not rest until they are sorted. I can only imagine the difficulties they must have in keeping up with the technology and global supply issues yet they still deliver a friendly exemplary service which is of great credit to the whole team. We have no hesitation in recommending them and will continue to do so.

Lesley Holland - Shrewsbury

Rural and Country installed an air source heat pump with hot water cylinder at our character house. This company really seem to know their stuff. The heat pump itself is a really good unit and I am blown away as to how quiet it is and how hot the water it produces is.

The install team were really friendly, tidy, considerate and the quality of workmanship was incredibly high. They ensured that the character of our house was protected by putting the pump in a raised location that other installers just refused to quote for. The only negative was a delay in getting a quote, but one of the owners rang to apologise and the job was completed really soon after that.

Brilliant experience overall!

Peter Grogan - Cheshire

This was a great investment as we live out in the country and were running on oil at the time. We already have Solar PV installed so really interested in the Air Source Heat pump alternative for heating.

Rural & Country came out, did a study and came up with a recommendation for us. As we live in a bungalow, we asked if the water tank could be put up into the loft to generate hot water pressure as opposed to installing extra pumps and to free up needed downstairs space from the old system. No problems at all! Very friendly and professional service\installation from start to finish.

This was all done a year ago and to say that it has saved us money in energy bills is an understatement, especially in this current climate. Very pleased with the result and have recommended R&C to several friends and relatives. A number of which have taken up the combined Air Source pump and Solar PV option. Fully recommend.

Mike Ives - Chester

Great experience with Rural & Country. We have solar pv system with battery storage installed on an outbuilding, but supplying the house approx 8 weeks ago.

Due to the nature of the install there were a few infrastructure issues during install that caused difficulties. R&C were brilliant and had a team on site that stayed until the problems were resolved and everything was full up and running. The install is tidy, the fitters were clean, tidy and courteous. The team in the office have been a great help as well.

All in all. A great investment and we can see the benefits already.

Tim Copping - Wrexham

Rural & Country have gone over and above for us with their customer service and attentiveness.
We are extremely lucky to have them on board as our ground source engineers.

Chris is our regular engineer, his knowledge and the way he conducts himself is exemplary.

We highly recommend Rural & Country!

Roger Hughes - Chester

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