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Power Your Business with Solar Panels

Our Commercial Division specialise in Commercial Solar Panel projects from 20kW to over 2 megawatts in scale.

Solar Panels for UK business clients

Solar offers businesses a unique list of benefits: High returns on CAPEX, Carbon Reductions, increased Energy Security, Tax Breaks, PR opportunities, low maintenance and 2-decade+ operational lifespan… it is easy to see why this technology is one of Industry’s most popular green-equipment investments! Thousands of UK businesses have now added Solar to their Energy supply mix to help power their operations.

We will work with Companies of all sizes and provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service for your solar PV project. We are turnkey – we leave you free to focus on your business by offering a start-to-finish solution. Our existing client base is diverse; we have Agricultural, Equestrian, Heavy-Industrial, Processing and Manufacturing, and Feeds-related clients throughout the UK.

We have been a leading installer of Solar projects throughout our decade of trading. Our management team have collective 45-yr experience in the sector. Our open and transparent approach together with employed-engineer ethic offers you industry leading advice, high quality installation and an award-winning service.

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Financial benefits of a solar panel installation

There are significant financial and environmental benefits for businesses that invest and install commercial Solar Panels arrays.

Solar has become the fastest growing energy source worldwide. Manufacturing innovation has allowed the technology to move rapidly into the mainstream; Solar is now a mass-produced product, delivered at a very cost-competitive price with incredible warranties and long-term performance guaranteed.

A typical commercial solar panel system will provide free electricity for more than 25 years, achieve financial returns of up to 30% per annum against CAPEX, and pay back installation costs within approximately 3-5 years.

The decision for most Company Owners, MD’s and FD’s is a simple one; why be 100% Grid-reliant at ever-increasing cost when you can invest in your own low-carbon power- infrastructure and provide your own free power, while protecting your business from fuel inflation and third-party supply issues.

How we identify your potential savings with solar panels

We use industry leading software to accurately predict how much solar energy can be generated and used at your specific premises and provide detailed economic efficiency calculations to ensure you understand exactly how and when you can expect to break even, the structure of repayments and the overall profitability of the installation for your business in the long term.

Design Potential Savings With Solar

Design Potential Savings With Solar Panels

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Environmental benefits of solar panels

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), NASA and the world’s leading scientists have warned us that we must accelerate the rate at which we implement, generate, store and distribute our energy from Solar Panels and Renewable Sources if we are to avoid irreparable damage to our planet from the effects of Fossil Fuel use.

A Solar Panels installation offers a means to considerably reduce your Organisations’ carbon footprint. A typical 200kWp solar PV system will offset approximately 50 tonnes of CO2 in a single year – the equivalent to driving 5 times around the world in a petrol car (120,000 miles). Lifespan C02 reduction could be as much as 1,250 tonnes.

A number of major UK organisations have already announced a climate pledges to go net zero carbon by 2030.

Many supply-chain contracts / tenders now expect suppliers to show and prove carbon- reduction measures. In some sectors a Solar array can be a contract-clincher. At worse it shows a business Commitment to be a part of the climate-change solution, not the cause.

An Independent specialist Installer

Whether working on a school, factory or new-build site, we place a strong emphasis on Health and Safety and are proud of our safety record. All of our installers are fully accredited, holding all relevant certification in their fields. For a full list of our accreditations, please ask us.

We are independent, and have no ties to specific products or ‘golden Handcuff’ agreements that often cloud recommendation and product selection. Our products are all tried and tested, ‘tier one’ designated and offer strong and reliable warranties. It is your project of course, but it is our name over the door of the installation, and we pride on Installing the bast solution for you and no-one else, full-stop.

Independent Commercial Solar Installer Cheshire

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Since being founded, Rural & Country Energy have completed more than 2,000 renewable energy installations. We pride ourselves on building strong, long lasting relationships, proven by our high rate of repeat custom and impressive feedback.

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Roof Mounted Solar Panels Installation

Roof mounted installations

Mounting solar panels on the roof of your premises is the most popular way of generating clean energy to power your business. Solar panels can be fixed to almost any roof type, including flat roofs, steel trapezoidal and membrane. Installation costs are lower than ground-mounted installations, as the structure holding the panels is pre-existing.

Multiple roof orientations are now viable for Solar installations. East and West facing solar arrays are as viable for installation as Southerly-facing ones. North-facing arrays on Portal and other low-pitch buildings roofs offer great energy yields too.

Fragile / Asbestos-content roofs

Our staff are experienced in installation to fragile and asbestos-content sheet roofs, often found on older Commercial property and on Agricultural sites. We carry out a full RAMS process and our operatives attend to the whole process using full PPE and specialist drilling procedures.

Fragile Asbestos Content Roofs Solar Panels

Commercial Ground Mounted Solar Cheshire

Ground mounted installations

Most businesses opt for an on-roof solar PV system; however, a ground array may suit your particular premises or offer a solution if a roof mounted system is not considered a viable option. Ground mounted arrays are also an effective means to increase on-site generation if your roof has already been filled with solar panels and you require further generation.

Integrating commercial solar panels with battery storage systems

Integrating a commercial solar panel system with a battery storage solution is a great way to capitalise on the energy savings your solar panels produce and can help to leverage additional benefits for your business.

By storing and using all of the free electricity your solar panels produce instead of exporting any over-generation back to the grid, your business will benefit from even greater savings and energy security.

Storing energy on-site ensures your business is less reliant on the National Grid, protecting your business from potential brownouts and energy rationing; allowing your business to remain operational when your competitors cannot.

Storage is not essential for many Business clients, especially ones who’s business operate during daylight hours, as electricity generated can be automatically used at source. Our system design procedure will highlight whether storage is necessary or cost effective for your site and operational circumstances.

Monitoring, operations & maintenance for business solar panels

Our relationship with you doesn’t end after installation. We offer a comprehensive solar panel operation and maintenance service to ensure your solar panels continue to perform for the duration of their lifetime.

We offer a range of service plans and can tailor a package to your specific needs. From a simple panel clean to proactive meter-based monitoring, we will help you to safeguard your equipment against possible faults and ultimately protect your investment.

Finance for your business solar panels

Whilst self-financing is the most popular option for purchasing commercial solar panels and offers the best returns over the lifetime of a system, many companies have restricted budgets or would prefer to spend their capital elsewhere.

We have partnered with some of the UK’s leading financial institutions, who can offer funding vehicles for installations. From asset finance and hire purchase to a power purchase agreements, we can help you receive the best advice available.

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