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Solar PV Panels

A Solar PV panel power system will save money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint. It will future proofing your property and provide valuable Energy Security.

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (Photovoltaics) is a long-standing Renewable Technology that kick-started the UK’s Green Energy drive some 20 years ago. It remains the most popular way of generating free electricity for domestic and commercial properties throughout the country.

A solar panel installation system will save money on electricity bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. It will future proofing your property and provide valuable Energy Security.

With volatility in the utility industry and electricity bills at an all time high, there has never been a better time to invest in your own electricity power station!

How does Solar PV work?

How does solar power work

Solar Power is energy that is produced naturally from daylight and converted into useable power by using solar panels and inverters.

Solar panels can be installed on a range of different roof surfaces, including sheet and cement fibre agricultural roofs, conventional slate and tile roofs and flat roofs.

We also install solar panels on ground mounted framework. This is a common installation if a property has unsuitable roof elevations, or is a listed building.

The amount of energy generated will depend on the size of system installed, and our experts can design a system that is perfectly tailored to your property’s needs.

How do I use the electricity made by my solar panels?

Solar panels generate DC electric but whilst houses and businesses use AC electric. For this reason we install an DC to AC inverter.

The inverter converts the electric to AC to allow it to be used in the property. The inverter ensures that you always use your solar power before using the grid. If you are using more power than the panels are providing, the shortfall is automatically provided from the grid, but only once you have used your free power first.

A battery storage system is an incredibly common addition to a solar installation, and ensures that any electricity that would be sent back to the grid (when you are not at home to use it, for example) is stored on site for later use.

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How To Electricity Made By Solar Panels

Types of solar panel installation

Our employed teams are experts in a wide range of solar panel installation methods to suit the challenges presented by various property types.

Solar Panels Installed On Roof Cheshire

Solar panel installation on the roof

This is the most common type of installation and is idea for existing roofs. Solar panels are installed to an aluminium fixing profile which is secured to the structural roof rafters using special brackets. This installation is structurally sound and allows water and debris to drain from the roof in the normal way.

Special bracket flashings are used to ensure a water tight finish. This method of installion, and the fixing used, are Government approved methods and products.

Solar panel installation in the roof

This method of installation is very popular with clients who are building or renovation their property.

Special solar mounting trays are installed as the roof is being built, and the solar panels are then installed into the trays. The roofer will then tile or slate around the installation as they would with a Velux roof window for example. This results in a more flush finish and also avoids the cost of installing roof tiles within the area of the solar installation.

Solar Panels Installed In Roof

Solar Panels Installed on Flat Roofs

Solar panel installation on flat roofs

Solar Panels can be installed to flat roofs using special frames that create a pitch to the panels to increase efficiency and performance.

Our employed solar teams will work with a specialist flat roofing contractor to ensure that our fixings are correctly weather proofed to ensure that the integrity and guarantee (if applicable) of the flat roof is maintained. We can install to felt, fibreglass, rubberoid and sheet metal roofs.

Ground mounted Solar panels

Solar Panels are installed in a garden or paddock using commercial-grade ground-mounted framing. The framing is secured to the ground using specially driven fixings or hidden concrete pads. This method of installation is idea for properties with land ownership where a roof installation may also be difficult, or for listed buildings where a roof installation would not be allowed.

Ground mount installations generally require Planning Permission and we deal with this process in its entirety.

Solar panels installed on ground

Commerical Solar Panels Installed Cheshire

Solar panel installation on Commercial premises

We are experts in installing commercial scale Solar Installations. We have installed over 2 megawatt to commercial roofs to date. Our solar teams are experienced in installing to sheet metal roofs, cement – fibre roofs and even to roofs containg asbestos traces (we use special HSE methods and protective PPE for this). We install both string inverter and optimiser systems. We carry out full system design using the very latest commercial
design software.

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