SolarStore Lithium Battery Storage

Solar Lithium Battery Storage is a new renewable energy technology and it's a brilliantly simple concept -  make the electricity through your solar PV system, but store any you don’t need for later use! This means that you can remain resilient to external power outages, whilst also living sustainably with this incredible energy storage system. This renewable energy solution is an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial properties, giving you the freedom to store solar generated energy for when you need it most.

Save Your Unused Energy!

The biggest criticism of PV is a simple one – for most clients, the hours of peak electricity generation (10am-2pm) are often the hours when there is least demand for electricity in the property.

This means that during the times that the most energy is being produced, it's essentially going to waste and it is just being transferred to the Grid.

With battery storage, this is no longer a problem as it has the capacity to store any unused energy to be used on a rainy day (literally!). This kind of cutting-edge technology is perfect for anyone who works during the day, and is a natural fit for anyone who already has a solar PV system installed.

Our Solar Battery Storage clients are among a very small and select group of people who are running their properties at night with free electricity they made during the day - genius!

Are you ready to maximise the use of your electricity?

With the solar PV system making all of this excess energy, what's the point in exporting it back to the Grid when you could be benefiting from it?

How It Works

Lithium Battery Storage takes any surplus energy generated by solar panels and stores it for use at another time. There are no real limits to what you can use this energy for, as it can be distributed throughout the entire house and removes the big energy companies from the equation.

You can even use this energy to charge your electric car if you've got one!

One of the many benefits to using battery storage is that in the event of a power-cut, the Solarstore system can divert stored electricity to run essential appliances such as lights, heating and fridge freezers. Having this stored energy as a back up makes blackouts a thing of the past.

While everyone else is searching for the torches and candles, you sit back and put the TV on without a worry.

Feed-in Tariff

Up until March 2019, anyone who installed a solar PV system was eligible to receive payments through the Government's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. This scheme is no longer available, but anyone who had signed up prior to it's ending in March will still receive payments for the rest of their tariff.

It's not all bad though, as thanks to the introduction of battery storage you can store all of the energy that you would be wasting and use it for cloudy days, saving you money in the process.



Store Solar PV generated electricity for when YOU need it
Save on utility bills by using stored electricity at night
Use your stored electricity during a power cut

If use is higher than generated, stored power will fulfil shortfall
Can be retro-fitted to existing Solar PV systems